Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Learning to Drift with L2D (Learn2Drift)

It's about time I wrote a post on my favourite drifting academy L2D. What's special about this outfit is that their academies fund their activities on the British Drift Championship circuit, so when you go to learn with them your instructor is invariably a Semi-Pro, Pro or Super-Pro qualified driver. What's more their Super Pro driver, Jamie Kenyon (AKA Jamo) won the Super Pro championship at BDC (British Drift Championship) Round 5 this year - props for that; great driver and I can vouch personally for his instructor skills too.

Here is a video from my first 'school day' experience with them at the beginning of this year.

Learn2Drift of were recently rebranded from SSDA (Slide School Drift Academy) and they host drifting academies at Birmingham Raceways and Bovingdon Airfield where this video was shot.

As you can see from the footage it was snowing lightly but the tarmac was only slightly slushy by the time I got there for the afternoon session; weather wise, that was easier on the tyres (and pit crew!) but it was still bloody freezing. That aside it was a terrific day. Learn2Drift is comprised of a group of professional and semi-professional drifters and in amongst their school cars they have competition cars which they also let you experience on occasion. All their cars are Nissans, not new cars but they're all well maintained and loved which I can attest to because I've been following their updates on Facebook for some time. Sadly, because of the snow the cars all had to have their front and rear skirts removed so they looked slightly 'underdressed' - but somehow they still manage to look stunning to me. One of the other things that endeared me to this firm is that all their cars have names and they're all female: Silvia, Pearl, NeoPearl, NizPearl.

All of the cars are road worthy and have up to date MOTs so if you live in the M1 corridor you might actually see one of them driving around. To put how striking these cars are into perspective here is a photo of Silvia getting a ticket from Milton Keynes constabluary because someone forgot to put on her front number plate. I love the way the L2D car totally eclipses the normally dominant colours of the police car!

Anyway, enough of my ramblings - let's get down to the day itself. I arrived at 12.30 for the afternoon session which cost me £69 (which I think is very reasonable). For that you get a doughnut and figure of eight session which was long enough to learn something and I can say that as a result of the excellent coaching I received from my instructor for the day, (Christian) I got to nail the damn things! I was chuffed to bits about this. The doughnut footage in the video is of me.

After that session we navigated a course of cones (where I did two perfect doughnuts with holes in), slid around other cones and generally had a blast.

To round the afternoon off I had three passenger laps where we were mostly sideways. I so want to learn how to do that!

As for the facilities they were good too - Learn2Drift have their own modified, single decker bus called 'Bert the Bus', (they're obviously into giving their vehicles names in a big way at L2D). 'Bert' remains resident at Bovingdon Airfield and is used for pre-session briefings, hanging out between stints in the cars (and keeping warm). Learn2Drift provide light refreshments as part of their packages.

To summarise, it was a totally superb day, great instruction, stunning cars (I love the L2D colours), good facilities, enough time behind the wheel to learn something worthwhile and great staff all round.

My photos can be found at Photobucket and Flickr.

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