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Toastmasters Public Speaking Group Post #2

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Toastmasters Public Speaking Group Post #2

 I went to my second Toastmasters meeting on Thursday, still as a guest but with the decision already made to become a member based upon my previous visit which was very positive.

I didn't speak in this particular meeting as it was a competition. When I've figured out how I'll load a picture or two of the evening.

I was told that all new members to Toastmasters begin their journey by receiving their Communication and Leadership Manual. This manual apparently contains 10 project speeches which will progressively build my speaking ability and confidence. On completion of my tenth speech, I will be presented with the award of Competent Toastmaster (CTM) :-)

When I've paid my subscription (£75 annually) and become a member I will also receive three manuals, entitled Your Speaking Voice, Gestures: Your Body Speaks and Effective Speech Evaluation. These manuals are intended to provide tips on improving these aspects of one's communication.

For me the program will start with me having to make a speech called "The Icebreaker" and the 'curriculum' beyond that is as follows, with ten speech objectives:

1. Introduce Yourself
2. Organise your Speech
3. Get to the Point
4. How to say It
5. Your Body Speaks
6. Vocal Variety
7. Research Your Topic
8. Get Comfortable with Visual Aids
9. Persuade with Power
10 Inspire your Audience

My manual (when I get it) will apparently contain all the details on how to prepare for each of my speeches and apart from the first one, the speech topics will be entirely of my choosing, (which I think is a good thing). Each project speech is designed to build on any skills acquired in previous speeches.

Aside from the 'business side of things' my group in Stanmore is also quite social and I was told on Thursday that I can look forward to summer BBQs, curry nights etc. So I'm looking forward to the whole Toastmasters experience and will report back next month.


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