Monday, 22 August 2011

What I Love About Sales and Selling

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What I Love About Sales and Selling 


Selling is an honorable career even though it is fraught with ups and downs, challenges and obstacles. However, at the end of the day, selling is a great way to earn a living.
Here are a few of things I love about selling.

Every day is different

Regardless of what you sell and to whom, every day in sales is different than the previous day. Every day is a new experience waiting to happen and even though yesterday was not successful, today can be completely different. Prospects can be more willing to talk, you can be more effective, and

The thrill of capturing a big sale

One of the most rewarding aspects of selling is closing the deal that was falling off the rails. Being able to recover and capture a sale is exhilarating and exciting. However, (personal admission coming up!) I do get distracted when I cIose a large deal and the rest of my day is usually not as productive as I would like.

Dealing with different people

Even though they may have similar needs every prospect and customer is different. Plus, every person you encounter has different objectives and personality. Being able to adapt your approach to address is fun and challenging.

No limits on earning potential

Unless you work strictly on salary you determine your earning potential. When I first started my sales training practice I put in part time hours and earned what I had when I was an employee. When I ramped up my efforts and doubled my revenue, I realized that I had been doing myself a disservice. The harder and smarter you work, the more money you can make.

Learning about different businesses and companies

Every company you deal with has their own idiosyncrasies and learning about their respective challenges can help you develop as a business person. Every conversation with a new prospect teaches me something new.

You can be your own boss

This doesn’t always work, especially if your boss is a micr-manager but most sales leaders give their top performers lots of freedom and flexibility. Even when I worked in retail, the best sales people looked at their job from a entrepreneur’s perspective. They couldn’t set their own hours but they treated their customers as clients and worked diligently to achieve their foals and quotas.

Figuring out the best approach

The approach you use with one person or company doesn’t always work with others. Being able to figure out the best approach is challenging and intriguing at the same time.

Delivering sales presentations

Being a sales trainer, I love delivering a sales presentation. I enjoy meeting with prospects, exploring their challenges and presenting a solution that will address those business issues. When my presentation hits the mark and my prospect’s eyes light up I know I have been successful.

Helping people solve a business problem

Decision makers face a multitude of problems and it is rewarding to determine the best solution for each prospect’s situation. This is particularly challenging when multiple people are involved in the decision making process but it’s something that I consistently enjoy.

Discussing business

I love business and I thoroughly enjoy discussing business trends and problems with my clients and prospects. Every time I talk to a new prospect or an existing client, I learn something new about business.

Learning new techniques

If you’re not evolving, you’re going to lose business to a competitor. What worked last year may no longer be relevant which means you constantly have to modify your approach and apply new techniques and strategies. They don’t all work but when you implement a new idea and it gets the desired results, it’s awesome.

Developing relationships

As a highly social creature I enjoy developing strong relationships with my clients. As you earn their trust they open up and share insights that your competition may not be aware of. These relationships allow me to discover additional opportunities and position myself as a resource rather than just someone hawking a product or service.

Developing proposals

The vast majority of sales people dislike creating a proposal; however, I enjoy crafting a proposal that accurately addresses each prospect’s issues and demonstrating why they should buy my services rather than a competitor’s. Proposals make me thing and look at the purchase from my prospect’s perspective. What do they need to know? What will seperate my proposal from my competitor? How can I clearly demonstrate the value of my products and services?


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