Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Lotus Esprit Sport 350

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Lotus Esprit Sport 350

Lotus Esprit Sport 350 by Matt-Hill
Lotus Esprit Sport 350, a photo by Matt-Hill on Flickr.
This Esprit comes closest to what my ideal Esprit would look like from the bodywork perspective; I found this photo on Flickr. I like the front spoiler which has modified air intakes, much more attractive and more 'scoopy' than the standard Esprits. The side skirt also looks more curvy to me.

I would take the wing off the back - apparently these and later models have a slightly more upturned 'tail' negating the need for a spolier without which I didn't feel the Esprit looked finished. And I don't like the transfer markings on the sides too much, purists won't like it but I'd remove them, (too boy racery). Apart from that this is pretty much the ideal Esprit for me. :-) I also like the slightly fat wheel arch extensions which I haven't seen on some others.

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